Agriculture and Rural Development Centre's Team

Agriculture and Rural Development Policy Study Center

Tadesse Kuma (PhD)

Lead Researcher and Centre Coordinator

Tadesse Kuma Worako (PhD) is a lead researcher at Policy Studies Institute (PSI). He holds PhD in Agricultural Economics from University of Free State, Republic of South Africa, in September 2008. His PhD dissertation investigates “Performance of Agricultural Commodity Marketing in the Emerging Market Economies”; specifically, evaluate “Price Transmission the Deregulated Ethiopian Coffee Market”. Since then he deeply engaged in various policy research works mainly focus on production and marketing agricultural products, agricultural extension, value chain assessment, private investment in commercial agriculture, rural-urban development, food and nutrition security, resilience to climate change, forest management, food price analysis, CAADP initiatives and its implementation, land certification and tenure security, and other multiple research works. During this process, he published several articles at highly recognized international journals and multiple research outputs. In addition to research activities, Worako also has been serving as lecturer for post graduate programs on Agriculture and Rural Development. He is currently heading the Agricultural Transformation and Rural Development Policy Study Center (ATRD-PSC) of PSI.

Mekonnen Bekele (PhD)

Lead Researcher

Mekonnen Bekele Wakeyo conducted research in the socio-economic and environmental aspects of irrigation, irrigation financing and institutions, price incentive and disincentive, education, micro and small enterprises and foreign direct investment.

Ashagrie Gibtan (PhD)

Lead Researcher

Ashagrie Gibtan Ejigu (PhD) is a lead researcher at Agricultural Modernization and Rural Development Policy Study Center of Policy Study Institute (PSI). He obtained his doctorate in Food and Biotechnology from South Korea in 2016. Since April 2017, he is working on research and formulation of policies and strategies that are helpful for agriculture modernization, bioeconomy, and rural development in Ethiopia. Currently, he is involved in research works mainly focusing on bio economy (biomass utilization), agriculture growth performance focusing on food security and industrial inputs, and pesticides use and management policies. Previously, he worked as university professor and lecturer at Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa Science and Technology University, and Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia.

Beneberu Assefa (PhD)

Lead Researcher

Ijigu Mulat

Associate Researcher I

Takele Abdisa

Associate Researcher I

Dessalegn Begna (PhD)

Lead Researcher

Dr. Desalegn Begna Rundassa is a lead researcher at the Agricultural and Rural Development Policy Study Center of the Policy Study Institute (PSI) in Ethiopia. He obtained his Ph.D. in genetics (proteomics) from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 2012, focusing his research on the rearing of special types of economic insects. For over 22 years, Dr. Desalegn worked in various positions at the Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (OARI). From 2018 to 2020, he served as an assistant professor at Ambo University, where he taught MSc courses in animal genetics and breeding and advised student theses. Since July 2020, Dr. Desalegn has been conducting policy research on the Ethiopian livestock sector. This work has included analyzing 20-year livestock growth trends and formulating the "Live Animal Export Policy" for the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration. He recently completed comprehensive research on the policies and institutional setups affecting the performance of the Ethiopian livestock sector, resulting in two policy briefs: "Enhancing Ethiopian Livestock Development through Institutional Enactments and Policy Factors" and "The Ethiopian Livestock Sector". Currently, Dr. Desalegn’s research interests focus on various livestock policy issues, such as feed supply and demand, honey business, livestock and climate change adaptation, and the effects of institutional policies on livestock sector growth. He has a robust publication record in reputable academic journals that can be accessed at Anyone who has research interests in the whole aspects of livestock is welcome ( and

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