Recently Published PSI Research Outputs

Some of Recently Published PSI Research Outputs
No Title Date of Publication Author Types of Publication
1 Situational Analysis of Large and Medium Scale Rain-fed Commercial Farms in Ethiopia: Case of DBE financed Projects 2018 Tadesse Kuma Worako,Alebel Bayru and Mekonnen Bekele Research Report 
2 Fuel savings, cooking time and user satisfaction with improved biomass cook stoves: Evidence from controlled cooking tests in Ethiopia 2018 Zenebe Gebreegziabher,  Abebe D. Beyene, Randall,Bluffstone,Peter Martinsson, Alemu Mekonnen and Michale A.Toman Journal Article 
3 Land for food or power ?Risk governance of dams and family farms in southwest Ethiopia 2018 Getachew Legese ,Kristof van Assche ,Till,Stelmacher and Hailemariam Teklewold  Journal Article 
4 Active Private Sector Development Policies Revisited Impacts of the Ethiopia Industrial Cluster Policy 2018 Tigabu Degu Getahun &Espen Villanger Journal Article 
5 Industrial Cooperation between Korea and Ethiopia: Focusing on Small &Medium-Sized  Enterprise 2018 Dong-joo joo ,Jooyoung Yang, Eunsong  Lee,Amare Matebu ,Netsanet Jote,Dereje Rahemet & Sisay Sintayehu Book
6 Industrial Policy Network and Bureaucratic Capacity of Key Public Institutions in Ethiopia 2018 Girum A. Tefera, Biniam E. Bedasso and Ashagrie Demile  Research Report
7 Manufacturing Competitiveness in Ethiopia: Developments, Challenges and Prospects 2018 Tigabu D. Getahun, Gebrehiwot A.Kebedew, Balineau Gaelle and Fikru D. Sima Research Report
8 በደቂቅዘአካላት ባዮቴክኖሎጂ የሸንኮራ አገዳ ባዮማስ አጠቃቀም  ፍኖተ ካርታ 2018 መስፍን ታፈሰ፣ስዩም ለታ፣ደረጀ በየነ፣ድሪባ ሙለታ፣ታደሰ ዳባ፣ሰለሞን ኪሮስ፣ሺበሺ ሽዩም ጀማል አማን እና ዘለቀ ተሾመ መጽሐፍ
9 የሀገር ውስጥ የግል ባለሀብትበአምራች ኢንዱስትሪው ውስጥ የሞተርነት ሚናውን ከመጫወት አኳያ ያሉት ተግዳሮቶች ዕድሎችና የመፍትሔ  አቅጣጫዎች  2018 አማረ ማተቡ፣ ካህሳይገረዚሄር፣ ነጻነት ጆቴ፣ ደረጀ ራህመት፣ ዮናሰ አብርሃ፣ውብዓለም ስራው፣አሸናፊ መሀሪ እና አበበ ከበደ መጽሐፍ
10 Young Lives Ethiopia Country Report: Lessons from Longitudinal Research with the Children of the Millennium  2018 Alula Pankhurst, Tassew Woldehanna, Melele Arays, Yisak Tafer, Jack Rossiter, Agazi Tiumelissan and Kiros Berhanu  
11 A Strategy for Financing Large and Medium Scale Rain-fed Commercial Farms in Ethiopia :Case of DBE Financed Projects 2019 Tadesse Kuma Worako,Alebel Bayru and Mekonnen Bekele  
12 Exploring Carbon Pricing in Developing Countries A Macroeconomic Analysis in Ethiopia 2019 Andualem Telaye Mengistu Pablo Bentez,Seneshaw Tamru,Haileselassie Medhin and Michael Toman Journal Article 
13 Is energy the golden thread? A systematic review of the impacts of modern and traditional energy use in low-and middle –income countries 2019 Mare jeuland,T. Robert,Fetter,Yating L&etal… Journal Article 
14 Climate-smart agricultural Practices and welfare of rural smallholders in Ethiopia: does planting method matter? 2019 Amare Fentie & Abebe D.Beyene  Journal Article 
15 Second Agricultural Growth Program (AGPII) IMPACT EVALUATIO REPORT Midterm  QUANTITATIVE Evaluation  Final Report 2019 Alebel B.Weldesilassie.Tadeess Kuma,Mekonen Bekele, Tigabu Getahun,Seid Yimam,Abenezer Wondeson and Fisseha Asmare Final Report 
16 Economic costs violent political unrest on the Ethiopian economy: policy actions for revival and beyond 2020 Atilaw Alemu,Hailu Elias and Tadesse Kuma Research Report 
17 Ethiopian Capacity for Trading Red meat with the European Union Institutional, Technical and Regulatory Appraisal for Policy Proposition 2020 Ethiopian Science Academy and Policy Studies Institute  Research Report 
18 የኢትዮዽያ አትክልትና ፍራፍሬልማት ፍኖተ ካርታ ስትራቴጂያዊ 2020 Girma Teshome Research Report
19 የስኳር ኢንዱስትሪ የባዮማስ አጠቃቀምና የኢኮኢንዱስትሪ ክላስተር ልማት ፖሊሲ አቅጣጫዋችና ስትራቴጂዋች 2020 Ethiopian Science Academy and Policy Studies Institute Coordinated by Dr.Ashagrie  Gebtan  
20 Rural Development Strategy Review Of Ethiopia: REAPING THE BENEFITS OF URBANISATION 2020 OECD &PSI Research Report
21 Ethiopia : Input-Output Table and Social Accounting Matrix 2015/16 2020 Andualem T.Mengistu,Firew Bekele Woldeyes ,Ermias Dessie,Zewdu Ayalew,Alekaw Yeshineh and Alfredo J.Mainar Causape  
22 Firms In Ethiopia`s Industrial Parks:Covid-19 Impacts, Challenges and Government Response  2020 Andualem T. Mengistu,Pramila Krishnan,Koen Maaskant,Christian,Johannes and Eduard,Krkoska Journal Article
23 Farmers` drought experience, risk perceptions, and behavioral intentions for adaptation: evidence from Ethiopia 2020 Tagel Gebrehiwot & Anne van der veen Journal Article 
24 The impact of forest and non-forest cover on drinking water treatment costs :panel evidence from Ethiopia 2020 Dawite W.Mulatu,Amare Fentie and Juha ,Silkamak Journal Article 
25 Who benefits from climate-friendly agriculture? The marginal returns to a rain fed system of rice intensification in Tanzania 2020 Mare,Sarr,Mintewab Bezabih Ayele,Mumbi,E.Kimani and Remidius Ruhinduka Journal Article 
26 Economic Analyses Supporting Land Use Planning and Land Allocation Changes and Decisions – process in Peri-urban Areas of Ethiopia 2020 Alebe B.Weldesillassie and Berihu Assefa Research Report 
27 በኢትዮዽያ አምራች ኢንዱስትሪ የቴክኖሎጂ ሽግግርና ልማት ተግዳሮት ዕድሎችና የፖሊሲ አማራጮች 2020 አማረ ማተቡ፣ሙሉጌታ ውቤ፣ ደረጀ ራህመት፣ነጻነት ጆቴ፣ ካሳሁን ይመር ፣ አመሀ ሙሉጌታ እና ገ/ስላሴ ገ/ጊርጊስ መጽሐፍ
28 Debt Sustainability and Management in Ethiopia Lesson from China  2021 Ferew Bekel Woldeyes  
29 Can ICTs increase tax compliance? Evidence on taxpayer responses to technological innovation in Ethiopia  2021 Giulia Mascagni,Andualem T. Mengistu and Firew B. Woldeyes Journal Article
30 Ethiopia and the Global value Chains (GVCs): Learning from China  2021 Kiflu G. Molla  
31 Environmental sustainability and economic development in sub-Saharan Africa: A modified EKC hypothesis 2021 Dagmawe Tenaw and Abebe D. Beyene Journal Article 
32 Unpicking the socio ecological drivers and impacts of agricultural expansion in Ethiopia 2021   Journal Article 
33 Managing Urban land Market s in Africa :Valuation Performance and Policy Implication 2021 Alebe B. Weldesilassie  and Genanew B. Worku Journal Article 
34 YOUTH,EMPLOYMENT AND SKILLS (YES) Strengthening Education and Learning Systems to deliver A 4IR-ready Workforce The case of Ethiopia 2021 Amare Matebu ,Netsanet Jote,Dereje Rahemet & Sisay Sintayehu  Book (Policy Research output)
35 Impact of COVID-19  on Africa`s food and Beverage Manufacturing Companies: Evidence from Selected African Countries 2021 Heike Baumuller,Zaneta Kubik,Anthea Dallimore,Tigabu D. Getahun,and Myriam velia  
36 South-South Integration and the SDGs: Enhancing Structural Transformation in Key Partner Countries of the Belt and Road Initiative: Boosting Ethiopian`s Industrialization: What can be learned from China 2021 Berihu Assefa Gebrehiwot  
37 Developing Ethiopian`s Digital Economy: Lesson from China 2021 Tsegay Gebrekidan Tekleselassie  
38 Building Resilience to Climate Change in Ethiopia  2022 Finn Tarp,Tadesse Kuma,Peter Pisker,Tseday Mekasa,Tagel G/hiwot,Hailemariam T/wold ,Mintiwab Bezabi,Hailu Elias & Mekonnen Bekele House hold survey Report 
39 Trade Tax Evasion and the Tax Rate Evidence from Transaction-level Trade Data 2022 Andualem T. Mengistu,Kiflu G.Molla and Giulia Mascagni Journal Article
40 Ethiopia  FDI Policy Report  2022  GRIPS & PSI Book

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